Baseball has always been a big part of my life.  I am fascinated by the history of the game, players, statistics...all of it really!  After my days as a player came to an end, I was lucky enough to stay around the game as coach, professional instructor, and scout.  

I am often asked why I love baseball so much.  Perhaps the biggest reason is that the game is a metaphor for life: It's not always fair, you fail quite a bit, it's really hard, and you have to put forth a tremendous amount of effort to succeed. 

The Sir Hitsalot brand is a reflection of what makes baseball players successful on the field, at home, in the classroom, in their church, and in their community.  When customers put on the Sir Hitsalot brand I want them to think about the confidence, attitude, and effort necessary to be successful far beyond the short time you have to play this game. 

Whether you are a player, parent, coach, or fan of the game, the Sir Hitsalot brand is for those who are prepared, those who battle, and those who embrace the grind to be great!

Jeff M. Doland