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The Sir is a normal guy from humble beginnings who loves God, his family, his country, and baseball.  He got his name because he has the competitive spirit of a knight and the leadership qualities of a king.  Oh...and he mashes baseballs...Alot of them.


The scouting report on Sir Hitsalot goes something like this:  He is smart and aggressive at the plate, always hunting fastballs early to drive.  He has great timing and bat speed and can drive the ball to all fields.  He has plus power, a great two-strike approach, always knows the situation, and is an unselfish hitter.  The Sir plays hard and has fun playing the greatest game in the world!


What makes The Sir great?


  • He always expects success but can deal with failure

  • He is committed to long-term success by putting in the necessary work on a consistent basis

  • He is a great teammate and leader who encourages others

  • He is grateful for his opportunities and shows his gratitude by being joyful and kind to others

  • He is respectful to his coaches, teammates, and opponents

  • He is ultra competitive, has great character, stays composed in all instances, and plays the game with class!


Do you have the qualities of Sir Hitsalot?


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